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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Blogging: Oh, the fame of it all

Some like to build communities while others prefer to sermonize from the mount

The Kos makes an interesting point that the blogosphere right is stifling growth of new talent by not allowing users to comment on its most popular blogs.

"Of the twenty-four liberal blogs in the top quintile, Dailykos, TPM Cafe, Smirking Chimp, Metafilter, BooMan Tribune, MyDD, and Dembloggers are full-fledged community sites where members cannot only comment, but they can also post diaries / articles / polls. By comparison, there are no community sites among the top twenty-four conservative blogs. None, zip, zero, nada. This is particularly stunning when one considers the importance of the Free Republic community to the conservative netroots.

There are swarms of new conservative voices looking to breakout in the right-wing blogosphere, but they are not even allowed to comment, much less post a diary and gain a following, on the high traffic conservative blogs. Instead, without any fanfare, they are forced to start their own blogs. However, because of the top-down nature of right-wing blogs, new conservative blogs remain almost entirely dependent upon the untouchable high traffic blogs for visitors. In short, the anti-community nature of right-wing blogs has resulted in a stagnant aristocracy within the conservative blogosphere that prevents the emergence of new voices and, as a result, new reasons for people to visit conservative blogs."

No matter what your political leanings are the facts seem to speak for itself. Whether or not we can generalize and say this is a right-wing trait (and an excuse to bash conservatives) is another matter and the bloke has his own theory.

Rather than painting the wide brush and demonizing all conservatives as fascist elitists (or liberals as communal pinkos), perhaps it is merely a reflection of the character of the individual blogger. Too simplistic you say?

You will note that Glenn Reynolds (who reads the Kos) was uncharacteristically quiet and didn't respond or even acknowledge the article. Perhaps it was just beneath his dignity, or he was too busy admiring the beach scenery, or quite possibly maybe the truth really does hurt.

Admittedly he does have an email address, and isn't it better to sort out the unrulies first rather than having to do damage control after the fact (notice the tongue in my cheek). Much like a telephone answering service with call display (sorry for picking on you Glenn but you are after all the big-kahuna).

It wasn't that long ago bloggers were sitting on the fringes talking to themselves in the ethosphere. But some have now hit the bit time and are showing traits similar to those whom they love to villainize (hint, hint).

Is it blogger elitism or just arrogance? The bottom line is the point is well taken, and the conservative pundits out there should be sharing the wealth.

Some like to build communities while others prefer to sermonize from the mount.

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