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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Daily Fisk FAQ File

Reach out and FISK someone

You'll be glad that you did!

An irreverent tongue-in-cheek look at the news and opinion makers of our day.

This is THE place where Reason and Common Sense Collide.

Explaining the inexplicable; making light of the incomprehensible.

So what is this daily FISK anyway?

In simple terms the daily FISK is a place "where reason and common sense collide." Or in other words, we attempt to "make light of the seemingly incomprehensible". Meaning, we attempt to "explain the inexplicable". Crikey, now I'm confused. Perhaps I can explain better by defining FISKING.

What is Fisking?

"Fisking", or to "Fisk" is a term invented by the blogosphere that refers to a point-by-point refutation of a blog entry or news story. An act of critiquing, often in minute detail, with the intent of challenging its conclusion or theses by highlighting logical fallacies and incorrect facts. Stylish fisking is witty, logical, sarcastic and ruthlessly factual; flaming is considered poor form.

We also like to throw in a little satirical tongue-in-cheek humor now and again, so remember this site is all about humour and please don't take us all that seriously. Because we sure don't. Ok?

Modus Operandi:

The MO of this blog is to "refine the art of 'FISKING' for the edification of those who are more deserving" in a humorous manner. Still confused? OK I'll cut the slogan crap and say it in plain english - we poke fun at the dumb comments that other people make. Got it?


Ever since the Rathergate debacle, the phenomena known as the blogosphere exploded thanks to all of the attention that it received from mainstream media. That means any pin-head with a computer can now become an instant publishing machine.

The blogosphere smugly prides itself as the policeman of the media, but who is keeping the bloggers in line? That's where we step in. Hence, the "daily FISK" was born. But it's not just the bloggers we're after. Around here we don't discriminate, and no matter which side of the fence everything is pretty much open season.

Through the use of 'FISKING' we can make our own irreverent version of the news and opinion makers. A sort of parody if you will, poking fun at all those armchair pundits who love to hear themselves talk behind their computer screens.

What this site is Not about:

You will not find long strings of expletives or hate mongering at this site. We are of the opinion that a little tongue-in-cheek humour goes a long way.

Our Slogans are:

"Making light of the seemingly incomprehensible";

"Where reason and common sense collide ";

"Refining the art of 'FISKING' for the benefit of all those talking heads who love to hear themselves"

"Reach out and FISK someone. You'll be glad that you did!"

"Blogging is all about empowerment". The future of journalism has arrived and it's called the Blogosphere" (also our mission statement);

"Commenting on the Commentators";

"Never in the history of mankind and Johann Gutenberg's invention of the printing press has a technology empowered so many", OR "Not since the invention of the Gutenberg printing press has so much been given to so many", or any such derivatives thereof;

So don't bother try to steal them because they're ours and are all copyrighted.

Our Blogs are:

Political Football: News, Politics and Opinion.

the Daily Fisk News commentary

Yes it's a heck of a lot of work but at least it keeps us off the streets.

Need anything else? Contact me.

Are you ready? Keep 'em humble and click the FISK Button!


All original content of the daily FISK is copyrighted by its owner/operators and is not to be used without permission except as provided herein.

Permission is granted to read, quote, cite, link to, print out or otherwise use the daily FISK content, so long as you comply with the terms.

Quotations from the daily FISK must include credit to this site with a hyperlink (the daily FISK).


By using the daily FISK you recognize that this site is only a guide to web content for entertainment purposes. All content on this site is provided on an as-is basis and no statement should be relied upon as fact without independent investigation on your part to sufficiently satisfy yourself it is true.

By accessing the daily FISK content you hereby agree not to sue the daily FISK for its content, whether original or linked to or quoted from another source, in any court or by any legal procedure, on any grounds in law or equity whatsoever.

These terms of use are subject to change and should be reviewed regularly.

The daily FISKā„¢ is a Trademark.

Ok, let's have some fun shall we?

Click the FISK Button!

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