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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Duel of the "Stupids"

It seems that I've been beaten to the draw today when it comes to fisking "Instadunce". Although this post may fall more into the 'flaming' category, James Wolcott, (contributing editor for VANITY FAIR) comes out with both guns blazing:

"I stray into Instadunce as rarely as possible, wishing to spare myself the antic-less antics of a performing flea with only a couple of tricks in its repertoire. But today my wanderings took me there--I must have been following a link--and in one sentence Reynolds disclosed an impressive depth of ignorance worthy of a hick hack."

, to his credit acknowledged the fisking with the retort:

"THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING: I don't get many modeling jobs, so I was happy to pose in a t-shirt for ThoseShirts.com. But I've been amply repaid, as something about that photo just keeps driving people to make utter fools of themselves. Though perhaps that's not such a great feat, considering . . . "

Not a terribly witty response but keep practicing Glenn and maybe someday we'll let you contribute to the daily FISK.

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