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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Rev. Phelps' Mission

Your Mission, Rev. Phelps, should you choose to accept it...

Some say it is a calling from God while others may call him an "asshat".

It seems that our favorite parson, the very reverend Fred Phelps is at it again and doing his darndest to demise Christendome.

So what did the instapundit have to say about all this ballyhoo?

"Yes, it's fairly unusual for me to be calling someone an "asshat". I'm not big on name-calling. But if you can't call Fred Phelps an asshat, there's really no reason for the word to exist."

I managed to utter a tee hee but his references seemed to me a little narrow in scope.

Curiously his sources also mentioned that Focus on the Family was picketed by Phelps himself. If we were to paint the brush wide enough we could assume they should be kindred spirits on the issue of homosexuality. Right? Obviously nobody else bothered so I took a peek at the website to see what their take was on all this.

"This is another example of intolerance displayed by those who want to intimidate and silence us just because we provide another voice in the discussion of homosexuality," said Mike Haley, a "Love Won Out" conference speaker. "Ultimately, those who refuse to acknowledge that homosexuality attracted men and women can change display not only a cruel disregard for those who do not want to be homosexual, but also a denial of the true power of Christ."

Interesting. So obviously there's trouble in paradise after all and not all 'Christians' think alike. Interesting indeed.

And that my friends is what you may call fair and balanced reporting. So you might ask yourself, what does "fair and balanced" have to do with blogging? Good point and welcome to the blogosphere.

The Bloke's take? Indeed, if you can't call Phelps a far-out religious wingnut then "there's really no reason for the words to exist". Or for that matter, perhaps there would be no reason for some of us to blog at all.

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