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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Was Pat Buchanan Right?

As I was writing my post about the possibility of Canada being next on al-Qaeda's hit list, I ran across this site by accident and just had to FISK it.

I copied the post in its entirety, bad spelling and all. I trust you will find it as amusing as I did. The author (who I assume is Canadian) states:

"As if having Anne Maclellan as our protector wasn’t bad enough, now we as Canadians have been transfixed into believing that Canada is somehow a likely target for future terrorists activities. This notion that terrorists have anything to gain by attacking us is laughable, but the reason as to why they will not attack is stark.

Canada has taken a beating over our lapse security by several American media outlets in the past four years. From FOX News’ false claims that many of the 911 hijackers came from Canada to our own security experts warning that the world’s largest border is too pourous to completely monitor - Canada has many problems to worry about. A terror attack just doesn’t fit.

As cynical as it may seem, Canada is a startegic country to radical terrorists. They need Canada for easy passage into the United States. If security at our borders becomes draconian it will dismantle the highly coveted ‘easy access’ terrorists need to travel to America. CSIS has already indicated the existence of sleeper cells within our borders and the FBI has expressed its concern as to whether or not our government is doing everything it can to protect the border. This role may not be one which resounds posistivity, but as long as terrorists dream of ending America, Canada is one of the safest places to live. This is not a favourable posistion for our country to be in politically, however the reality is that our country is seen as a safe house for several terrorists organizations.

The Canadian government has decided to use the London bombings as a wake up call. We are being urged to be vigilant and prepared for a possible terrorist attack. This need to communicate a possible future threat is politically motivated in order to be able to say ‘I told you so’ in case an attack ever ocurs. In the meantime, terrorists will continue to view Canada as the ideal waiting room for whenever they decide to take their agression out on America."

This was my response:

Unbelievable. You have basically made Pat Buchanan's case that Canada is complicit in the terrorist campaign.

After reading this diatribe I wouldn't blame Bush for bombing Toronto.

Pat Buchanan @ wikipedia.

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At 10:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why stop with Toronto?

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