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Monday, January 09, 2006

Soothsayer Robertson's "Ignorant" Remarks

Pat Robertson Censored. They say that Robertson will continue to host his 700 Club show, the only difference being, his MOUTH will be duck taped shut good and tight.If (God forbid) something bad should ever happen to Pat Robertson, how can we interpret that?

Let me think about it ... ... ... Ok I'm still thinking... ... ... Now hold on just a galdang minute! Mois presume the mind of God? Crikey, I can't even make sense of my own life.

Scott Ott reports Christian broadcaster Pat Robertson told his viewers that God's wrath spurred Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's massive stroke. Robertson also says his own "ignorant remarks are another manifestation of God's anger."

All that without even a crystal ball. Stay tuned, it gets more interesting.

Apparently Robertson said that God was punishing Mr. Sharon for dividing the land that He gave to the Israelites, and that Robertson's claims to divining the Lord's mind are His judgment on the American church.

"If Christians would read the Bible, instead of just watching TV, they would understand that people who claim to know exactly why God does what He does are usually false teachers," said Mr. Robertson. "God disciplines American Christians for their willful ignorance of the Scriptures by having me embarrass them every 60 days or so with another ridiculous remark."

Do I detect a little tongue in those puffy cheeks? Robertson summed it up saying God has judged Ariel Sharon by making him "old and morbidly obese" and a high risk for stroke.

"It's like a lightning bolt from heaven". Give me 50 amps nurse. Charge, clear - ZAAP!

Jumpin' Jehosephat! Maybe Soothsayer Pat should get his head out of the old testament and read the new version sometime. Show me love, yeah.

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