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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Cheney's Excuses are NOT Plausible

A FISK Exclusive:

Cheney's excuse for taking so long to talk is nonsense. To set the record straight the FISK is disclosing a recording (received today from a reliable source) of a telephone conversation that fateful day between Cheney and Bush.

The recording makes it clear that Cheney waited to get legal advice, and he got another person to call in the accident because he was busy on the cell phone asking Bush for directions.

Here is the gist of that confabulation:

Dick Cheney on the telephone calling BushCheney: "GEORGE! I'm quail hunting and I just shot"... (voice becomes garbled).

Bush: "Now hold on Dick, your breaking up. Did you say that you shot Dan Quayle?"
(muttering: we can only wish.)

Cheney: "No, no, no... I said that I shot Harry Whittington!" (breathing heavily)

George Bush talking to Cheney on the telephoneBush: "Ok Dick, calm down will ya. I told you to take that anger management course."

Cheney: "Yeah George, I know, but it was an accident. No kidding! So what the hell do I do now?"

Bush: (muttering again) "you stupid son of a"...

Cheney: "What was that George?"

Bush: "Never mind. Whatever you do, don't shoot anyone else unless I authorize it first. Like Osama what's his name, um.... forget it.

Just keep your mouth shut and get yur ass over here pronto for a briefing. Our best lawyers are on it and we're sending a clean up crew over there now.

Oh yeah, I forgot to ask. Is he dead?"

Cheney: "No, he's still breathing. At least I think he is. Let me check... ... ... yeah, he's breathing better than I am right now."

Bush: "Then I guess you should get someone to call for an ambulance. It might be the right thing to do".

At this point the rest of the communication (at least several hours worth) becomes garbled again.

End of transmission.

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At 3:12 PM, Anonymous dude said...

Hah! Write on buddy. Love the blog.

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